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Re: AO51 Experimenters day, 10 August 2004

Stan, Wa1ECF   FN41sr   Cape Cod, MA wrote...

>What software for a PC is suggested to operate the packet 9K6 BB system
>on AO-51  ??

>Is Hyper-terminal OK  ??

Not really - A dumb terminal program like HyperTerminal is fine for
monitoring to some extent, but certainly not to TX.  A Pacsat BBS does not
work like a Packet BBS like those on ISS and PCSAT - a Pacsat BBS uses it's
own protocol so that multiple users can be active at once - sending,
receiving and requesting.

Compliant programs are WISP for Windows or a PB/PG variant for DOS or Linux.

UISS, WinAPRS, UI-View and dumb terminal programs are not compliant Pacsat
BBS programs.

A caution to all: Using a non-compliant program to TX on Echo's BBS will
only screw everyone else up.

Also you must have your TNC set to full-duplex and the radio must be
full-duplex capable.  Anyone using a soundcard modem (MixW, AGWPE, etc.) you
will need to use Discriminator audio out of the radio - speaker audio is not
going to work.

I urge everyone ____PLEASE DO NOT____ attempt to use a Pacsat BBS for the
first time on Echo's Wednesday's Experimenters Day - please do us all a
favor and practice on GO-32 or UO-22 until you feel comfortable with the
software operation - there will be plenty of time to use Echo's BBS.


Don Woodward
AMSAT 33535
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