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IC-910H Data

Hello the Net:

I had problems getting thru AO51 with L/U. I checked my frequency 
accuracy at 1268.7 MHz and found I was 1.7 KHz low.
both 2M and 70 cm were proportionately lower also.

I tweaked the adjustment on the oscillator on the PLL board and brought 
up to better than 170 Hz low.
a touchy adjustment at 1268 MHz

other observations:

RF Pout at 1268.7 MHz = 11.2 W
RX current draw at 13.8 VDC supplied, 2M = 1.48 A, on 70 cm = 1.48 A, 0n 
1.2 GHz = 1.6 A

TX current draw at 13.8 VDC supplied, 2M, 110 W, = 21.9 A. 70 cm at 
75W,  20.2 A
1296 MHz at 11 W = 5.6 A

I am looking forward to the next experimenters day.

Stan, WA1ECF

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