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RE: R: President's Letter August 2004.

I have wanted to do the SDR-transponder since our favorite polymath 
(James Miller) described doing dynamic dsp based Leila.  It should be
extremely effective and should be able to limit all stations,
irrespective of uplink power (unless you are able to distort the
receiver!) to within a small number of DB of the published threshold,
whatever that turns out to be.  Sorry alligators!  This will apply
EQUALLY to L uplinks and U uplinks.  Work on those receiver systems!


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On Sat, Aug 07, 2004 at 12:45:31AM +0200, i8cvs wrote:
> Hi Bob, N4HY
> Your explanation "The low band transponders will be extremely versatile"
> is a very Sibylline answere because the question is only to know if on
> EAGLE we can use or not our actual SSB equipments in the same fashion
> that we did with the U/S and L/S  linear transponders of OA40


Moreover, there are some nice things that can be done with SDR.
Instead of having Leila, the agc can be dynamically applied, so the
"hot" stations get pushed down dynamically. Think of it as a dynamically
defined filter. There was a paper on this somewhere...

- Diane, va3db
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