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New Projects: Sat Laser Comms

Hello the Net:

I am thinking of some new satellite projects using LASER communications.

a few questions for the brain trust:

1. are visible laser emitters allowed in space ?    how about non 
visible IR ?
2. any laser spectrum considerations ?   UV, red HeNe, red solid state, IR,
3. how does path loss vary across the laser spectrum ?
4. Are other satellites susceptible to laser light  ?
5. Since a laser, by itself, is very "pointy" can a scanner be used to 
cover the footprint
      much like the grocery checkout scanner  ?
6. For demo purposes can a very bright white light strobe be used in 
space to visually identify a sat ?
     Would the blast of white light affect other satellites ? 
     A strobe was talked about, 10 years ago, but was not implemented, 
any ideas as to why not ?
7. Are terrestrial lasers allowed to transmit anywhere into space ?
     of course with FDA/FAA approvals, as needed.
8. Are all of the grocery type scanners mechanical in nature, or are 
there some that electrically steer the beam,
    for no moving mechanical parts ?  (reliability issues)
9. Possibly a EASYSAT type of standard laser comms module with modulator 
and scan control.  ??
10. How do the pro's use space based lasers for comms ?
11. possible scenario for either LEOs or HEOs:
       phase 1:  extension/reimplementation  of the AO-40 laser projects
       phase 2: simple strobe activated from the ground, to demo sat 
position , possible tone activated
      phase 3: satellite based laser beacon with simple TX message: e.g. 
  HI ECHO   HI ECHO,   CW or packet
      phase 4: satellite based laser beacon with telemetry, TX only  or 
other high sped data stream
       phase 5:  Bi directional laser comms, up and down, voice or high 
speed packet data
      phase 6: a space based tracking receiver that would allow accurate 
tracking of a terrestrial TX

Thanks for you consideration,

Stan, WA1ECF   FN41sr   Cape Cod, MA

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