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Echo Demo at Central States VHF Society

On the weekend of 23-25 July several of us were at the Central States VHF
Society meeting in Toronto. We took the opportunity to try out Echo, even
though the transponder was not yet activated.

Mike, N1JEZ and Keith, W5IU found almost enough widgets (laptop, THD7 HT,
Arrow antenna) so that they could kludge together a demonstration. I said
ALMOST because nobody had a TH7-to-PC data cable until Rick, W2GPS
remembered that his cable was in his truck.

After our collective successes on the digital data, we telephone the Echo
command station Jim (WD0E) to see if he could turn on the transponder for a
quick demo/test. With Bob, N4HY on the cell phone to Jim this was tried.
Unfortunately Jim forgot to set one software bit (now known as the ON/MORON
switch) and we were not successful.

But all the participants who watched our efforts were amazed, and we were
quite pleased with the results.

The results of this group effort can be seen at

73 de Tom, W3IWI
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