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RE: AO-51 over Europe

Hi all,

Managed to recveive AO-51 this evening. After checking about everything
I noticed that for unknown reasons my AO-51 kepler data was not updated
since the first prelimanary keps :(
After loading the correct one I had no trouble finding the bird.
Getting in was another problem, but that is just a matter of time ;)

Thanks for all who replied.

73, Andre PH7AT

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Hi all,

I have been trying to work AO-51 yesterdag but no luck.
I'm not sure if it is something I'm doing wrong because 
working AO-7 or FO-29 is no problem.

Funny thing is, I only hear noise, I haven't heard the 10 sec 
carrier a single time. This of course could be caused by a lot 
of people trying to get into the satellite at the same time but 
I just want to be sure if other European station have had the 
same experience yesterday.

I tried the following passes:

Sunday, August 1st: 
21.18-21.33 utc (max elevation: 60 degrees)
22.59-23.11 utc (max elevation: 10 degrees)


Andre, PH7AT
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