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RE: Shutdown AO-7 mid-pass

Hi Jim,

It was in mode B at the time and I was running about 20-25W I think 
(don't know for sure) into a 2x9 element X-yagi on 70.
As the satellite was heading in the direction of the north pole I was
probably using more power as getting in the satellite at that position
is rather difficult for me in general.

I did not check mode A when the shutdown happened.
But thanks for the explanation.

73, Andre PH7AT

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What mode was it in at the time, A or B?  The reason I ask is that some
have reported that when someone uses too much power for the uplink on
Mode B, AO7 will reset and come up in Mode A.

73 de N8AU, Jim in Raymore, MO

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Subject: [amsat-bb] Shutdown AO-7 mid-pass

Hi all,

Yesterday I experienced a sudden shutdown of AO-7 mid-pass at 2228 utc.
I just finished a qso with DC8TS and was calling cq when my downlink
signal was cut off.
AO-7 was over Greenland and had the US East coast and Western Europe in

Anyone else noticed?

73, Andre PH7AT
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