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Re: ao40

Hi Keith,

unfortunately there are no news to report..  Our command stations are still
continuing to try to recover the bird, including during July, but so far 

As reported in my P3-E presentation during the AMSAT-UK colloquium,
Viktor Kudielka OE1VKW (again) noticed some changes on the Mean Motion
of AO-40, which may or may not be related to the battery incident. 
There is currently not enough data available and further analysis will 
be necessary
before we can even speculate what might have happened.

We will keep everyone informed, when there is more data available. Perhaps
at the AMSAT-NA Symposium..

73s Peter, DB2OS

keith wrote:

>Hi guys,
>Stacy wrote
>"As the table below demonstrates, the "mystery effect" has
> taken A0-40 into highly unfavorable ALON. Attempts at
> communication are likely to be futile until conditions
> improve in early and mid July. Note that unfortunately
> optimum squint in late July corresponds with a very bad
> solar angle.
> ...stay tuned.
> --W4SM for the AO-40 Command Team "
>Stacy , anything intresting to report?
>or does anyone else have anything intresting
>to report?
>Keith N6ORS
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