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Re: Re: TS-2000 and PL tone (more) operation in full duplex

Hi Ed,

I'm a CAT user (regulary use combinations of Wisp, DDE32, WispDDE, SatPC32, or Nova for rotor/frequency control), so I'm in the same boat as the Unitrac users.

Perhaps I can work with Erich DK1TB to implement the "work around" for SO-50 and AO-51?  I know he's busy for the next few weeks, but perhaps he'll be willing to implement a fix in SatPC32 that will work.  Essentially, it will require using a different philosophy (i.e., don't use SATL mode) and working the bird with a different method to automate what I described in the previous email.

I figure if I can figure it out manually, some coding guru ought to be able to implement the method into a program :)  Basically, the process might be something like:
1)program the rig for full duplex ops as I described
2)adjust for doppler only on the receive VFO.

To be honest, I would imagine that the xmit could be adjusted for Doppler as well....it just requires a new "satellite" mode of operation for the TS-2000.  It could be called "FM/tone satellite mode" or some such...

I'll inquire with DK1TB and see if he's willing to work on this with me.

His program seems like a good candidate, if for no other reason that that all monies for SatPC32 go to the AMSAT!!


Mark N8MH

> Great news for TS-2000 owners, Mark!
> I am sure they are happy for the set-up tip.
> But how does this help those that want to implement CAT control with an
> auto-traker/tuner like Unitrac?  Figure that one out and I know a a lot of
> TS-2000 owners will be thankful.
> 73's Ed
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