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TS-2000 and PL

Regarding no PL tone in Satellite Mode:

>>> "Edward R. Cole"  08/01/04 2:36 PM >>>
>You and many TS2000 users are justifiably frustrated, 
>but that is not the satellite builder's fault...it is Kenwood's 
>and they ought to get on the stick with a fix or upgrade 
>else the market will go over to Icom and Yaesu.

I dont understand the fuss.   The advantage of "satellite"
mode is for tracking of both bands while "tuning" across the
multiple QSO's and frequencies in the downlink band of a 
linear SSB/CW satellite and for adjusting for Doppler.

None of that has anything to do with operating via ECHO
using mode J FM:

1) An FM bird has no wideband tansponder
2) An FM bird has only one frequency
3) ECHO has a broad enough uplink 2m channel receiver
    so that no doppler tuning is required on the uplink
4) ECHO FM mode was designed for people with channelized
    FM equipment.
5) No linear CW/SSB satellite requires PL and it would make
    no sense to do so.

So rather than condeming the radio, I'd suggest simply
turning off linear-satellite mode and operating cross band 
FM like the satellite was designed for.... The radio will work
with PL just fine that way.   Bob
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