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AO-51 CM88/QRP (overhead pass)

AO-51 sounding good on an overhead pass in California.  Easily worked one
station with 1W through an homebrew antenna similar to an Arrow.  It seemed
like a zoo at times, also with whistling and other strange noises.  I think
i cut through that clutter on 140mW, but i didn't succeed in making another
contact, probably mostly due to being out of practice.  AO-51 definitely
seems more like AO-14 than AO-27, probably because it's easy to hear and
everyone wants to get on it.  Maybe that will improve once the novelty wears

I'm planning to be at the Norcal QRP meeting in Livermore tomorrow (Sunday)
and i'll maybe try to do an informal demo on 1W for the 18:05-18:17Z pass.
If you hear me, a *BRIEF* hello from one or two stations would be nice but
not much more than that, as i don't want to tie up the bird, especially on 
a weekend transcontinental pass!
				    -- KD6PAG

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