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Re: Future ECHO User Status burst?

Bob, I don't think your proposal is workable on FM on a non-regular basis.
One guy that didn't get the message, or just doesn't care, can effectively
ruin your net. Take the last pass of AO-51 as an example. A very strong KP4
was calling CQ and only replied to one of the many stations that called him.
How are you gonna work around a situation like that?

If you want a net for satellite operations, start one on FO-29. Tune your
procedures with experienced ops and where you don't tie up a whole
satellite. Make it a pilot program for a directed net on PCSat2's repeater
maybe? I would be for an all-portable night on Echo, with legions of
AMSATers invading their local soccer fields and parking lots with HTs and
Arrows at the ready! If a home station chose to ignore the request, well,
we'd just have more folks to work.

Most of the time it is not so bad on the FM birds. I once made over 20
(!!!!!) full exchanges on one pass from a rare SD grid. Stations I know work
SO-50 daily on an HT and whip. It's all in the technique! These ideas of
blowing in the mike, running half-duplex (on FM), calling CQ or QRZ over and
over, not bothering to build a system that can actually hear something, and
just constantly repeating your call over and over without ever actually
calling someone is what separates a successful QSO and pass, from just being
part of the QRM.

I've never not been able to make a QSO for an AMSAT demo either. Set it up
beforehand and people will listen for you. What doesn't work is trying to do
a demo when you've not operated that way enough to be proficient, it's just
planning for failure.

Just my thoughts, the .02$ is refundable.

73, Drew KO4MA
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