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RESERVATION for ECHO at the Utah Small Sat Conf

WOW, I just realized!

Next week is the AIAA/USU Small Sat Conference in Logan
Utah.  This conference involves everyone including AMSAT 
members that are involved in making small satellites and 
finding small satellite payloads, missions and rides to orbit.
Other than the annual AMSAT conferences, there is no
better place for a LIVE showing of ECHO operations!

I hope that someone is planning on reserving a pass or
two for a live demo during the conference.  Would it be a
good idea to try out the idea of a pass reservation?

I hereby propose to reserve one "Noonish" pass for one day
between Mon to Thursday of the week of 11 Aug for a
Net Control operating from the Small Sat Conference. 

I will have to look at the agenda and pass times and try
to find the ideal pass when these 500 attendees will
be on break or outside anyway for a live demo.

We will need a volunteer operator at the conference to 
take this on.  My suggestion would be for him to operate
as a net control, taking checkins something like this:

"Checkins will be by suffix, please say call and city/state
or school or other identifying comment.  Be brief, No 
phonetics and no spelling, we are going for maximum
checkins.  Since everyone should be listening full duplex,
checkins will not be acknowledged.  You will know if you
got in."

"suffixes starting with "A" call now.

or something like that?

Oh someone else should be planning on demonstrating 
the digital side.???

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