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Re: AO-51 Sucess

> While sometimes very crowded, there were continuous (and successful)
> contacts being made every few seconds.  When you count the "Hi Paul, Bill
> and Tom from John" type quick contacts -- and the quick "hi's" back -- it
> was very common to hear more than 50 contacts successfully made during
> 14 minute pass of UO-14. I'm not sure I've heard 50 successful contacts
> on AO-51 during the 5 passes I've listened to, combined. So, is it great
> have AO-51 up and running? You bet! But "more contacts have been made on
> Echo in the last three days than any other amateur satellite", not even
> close -- from what I'm hearing on the West Coast. Just my perspective.

My point was/is even 50 contacts would far out number any other bird
(probably all of them combined).  And the number of stations trying/active
is probably greater than 10 times any other active satellite.  I too have
been alone on FO-29 before.  It's nice to hear activity.

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