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Re: Future ECHO User Status burst?

> My second comment is about your net proposal.
> But is it really in the interest of everybody? Is it your 
>intention that everyone can get a chance to use the birds? 

Yes, by spreading out the access on these occasional NET 
passes for different subgroups.  Everyone fits into some subgroup.
We just have to be creative in thinking up what they all are.
Then, rather than having 500 people jamming each other on
*every pass*, those people who otherwise could never get in
might meet the criteria for a given net and can plan on 
operating that pass and can get in then.

Many people, I think get a lot of joy out of OTHERS having 
success in HAM radio and being a participant in a special
event even if they might just be receiving so that others get
a chance.  

It is a fact, that 500 people cannot use an FM bird on the 
same pass.  No matter how you cut it, only a few dozen will 
be successful.  I would disagree with your claim that that is
"good for everybody".   I would say that that is "bad" for
everybody and that we should explore ways to help spread
the access around more equitably and in a manner that
people can *plan* on.  Hence the suggestion for occassional
special event nets...

The present system which several people seem to claim is
"equitable and fair to everyone" is quite the opposite.  It
rewards power, egos and persistence at the expense of 
others.  Nothing bad about that, that is what contesting is
all about.  It is actually fun too and does have a great part
in HAM radio, but I think it is time to try something different

de WB4APR, Bob

  07:04 AM 30/07/2004, you wrote:

>ALso in the long run for ECHO, I would propose that
>an occassional 9600 baud data burst could be
>included in the squelch tail of the voice downlink that
>coiuld contain a line of useful status data for users.
>(such as the previously proposed Net schedules).
>At 9600 baud, the burst would only be less than 0.1
>second and sound no different nor intrusive than than
>the "sst" of someone that speaks with a lisp...
>Users of the D7 and D700 radio would see these
>announcements immediately on the radio front panel.
>Others might need only a laptop and software if they
>wanted to decode them.  But in any case, they would
>be virtually  unnoticible to voice operations.
>Although UI formatted status bursts are already on
>the to-do list for ECHO for the digital downlink,
>what I am asking in this proposal is in the long run
>to consider if it is possible to inject these 0.1 sec
>bursts rarely on the voice down link as well so
>that VOICE uers could stay infomed as well while
>monitoring the voice downlink.
>This way the voice user does not have to have
>two radios to keep informed of the digital USER
>status messages.  THey are pulled off the same
>de WB4APR, Bob
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