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RE: New amateur satellite ideas

Come to the AMSAT-NA annual meeting where you will hear about CC Rider
transponder and its attempts to do a wideband all digital transponder
as well as what Larry Kayserlikes to call the "Kitchen Sink", (everything S
and down) while running all packages continuously and all on Eagle.  You
will not
likely be disappointed by our daring even if you chose to question our

I hope Peter Guelzow can, and will, give us an update on the PIIIE
as well.


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I think that some really involved cutting edge technological experiments
could bring amsat into a new age.

How about a satellite experiment involving satellite communications using
frequencies in excess of 20GHz? Maximum Bandwidth Determination at a given
frequency range? Spread Spectrum High Speed Networking via Satellite?
Digital Voice (VOCODED Voice) via Satellite at 20GHz? Simultaneous Data &
Digital Voice on a single frequency?

AMSAT being a not-for-profit corporation with a history launching
successful amateur satellites may be a step ahead of for-profit
corporations when it comes to applying for federal grants to fund the
research such as this grant:

I can't think of any reason that a technology researched and engineered by
amateurs couldn't serve a dual purpose common with the military. We'd have
the possibility of pioneering new technologies and have the chance to fund
satellites that could be used for experimentation AND be used by amateurs.

Ric Letson, NB2E
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