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Re: ISS heard over Ontario, Canada

I have been on that list for a long while, but I have
been so busy at Rogers that today was the first day,
in what seems like months that, I finally got caught
up on all the email.

Since it was a lousy morning I thought I'd get some
sat hunting in and update the notes for Orbitron for
the authors next release.

I was nice to hear a voice from ISS.  I still wish
they were still using VHF-1 instead of TDRS.

--- RogerKola@aol.com wrote: > Hi Dave...
> You should subscribe to SAREX@amsat.org listing, the
> South Pacific has been 
> giving us the "heads up" all morning that Mike was
> on.....
> He seems to be enjoying himself today..
> Roger

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