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Sounds like Echo is a success.

Kudos to the team that got the bird up and running as good as it is today.
When 4 people don't key at the same time, the audio is really good.  I've
tried to get on the last 6 passes now, to no avail.  I'm relatively new to
amateur radio and I am really enjoying the openings that randomly happen on
6 meters.  For satellites, I think I'm just going to bow out before I start.
I'm really not into 24 element yagis with 1500 watts of power to listen to
my own voice for 7 minutes.  I have talked to Maine on 6 meters with 50
watts from CN87, and had no problems what so ever.  It seems to me like I
will never get on a bird with my Arrow ][ and THD-7A.  Every pass is the
same thing, same big guns listening to their own voices.  


As a new person to satellite, it just seems like too much money to spend to
get what you can get with a 25 dollar CB. :-(


Good luck to Echo and all that have worked so hard to get this satellite up
and running.



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