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RE: TH-D7 on SO-50, a problem

To follow-up on my original post. I resolved my problem by getting
a different mic. I'm using an HMC-3 and it works well and it has
VOX so it makes satellite operations a lot easier.
I never was able to get the SMC-34 to work in duplex without feedback
no-matter what kind of headphone I used.
Steve .. AI7W

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I'm using the same setup without any problems.  When you say "feedback" do
you mean audio feedback from your voice or do you mean that you are getting
RF energy in your earphone?  You might try using a different earphone or set
of headphones and see if that makes a difference?


A.J. Farmer, AJ3U

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Subject: [amsat-bb] TH-D7 on SO-50, a problem

Hi All,
	I've been following the posts about full duplex handhelds, in
the TH-D7G. Today I tried my TH-D7G on SO-50 and encountered a serious
feedback problem when running duplex. I'm using a separate mic (SMC-34) and
earphone so there doesn't seem to be an audio path for the feedback. It
didn't seem to be effected by the antenna position so it's probably not RF
from the antenna (arrow).
	I'd be interested in any advice from other TH-D7G satellite users.
Steve .. AI7W
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