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Re: AO-51 voice operation

Kyle...and all satellite users,

I think you may have gotten the wrong idea of what I was saying.  I
supported the Echo program and am happy it is looking so good.  But I am
saying, as you have, that more effective and enjoyable use of the voice
channel would result if folks were cognizant of good operating practises.
Such as keeping transmissions short and QSO's brief, esp. during this early
phase when so many want to try it.  

Echo operators need to figure out how to work the satellite to avoid
interfering (the 67 Hz access tone takes 1-2 seconds to activate, then the
transmitter is up for ten seconds; if two equally strong stations transmit
simultaneously no audio gets passed due to corruption of the tone signal
that occurs during such "collisions"...this is the quiet carrier so many
are seeing).  Hams have learned how to operate with courtesy on FM
land-base repeaters, so why not use this on Echo?  It's not just some
trying to have a long-winded "rag-chew", though I heard that, too.

I think Bob Bruninga's "Net Idea" should be given a "try"..perhaps during
the work week when fewer stations would be on and perhaps when the "zoo
effect" is lessened.  Nets should NOT be done all the time, but maybe could
work for a couple passes per week.  If that improved access for 5w-HT
users, maybe it would become popular.  Nets would still use a rapid-fire
exchange needed on short Leo passes.  I'm thinking the Net idea more
likened to DX List running than the HF-Net many think of.  FM-repeater nets
are run quite efficiently by asking for check in by area or call-sign
group...enough on that.

I agree we can get beyond the Echo/Eagle debate; Echo is up and looking
good so Leo enthusiasts are happy...much more will be available from it
with its dual digital/voice capability and the experimenter-day (something
I will look forward to participating in).  Those of us that really long for
another SSB/CW linear pass band satellite can now work toward realizing
Eagle and P3E.

Perhaps if you take into account my other postings you would realize my
overall intentions.

BTW a comment on access to Echo:  I have the opportunity to test on Echo
when the foot print is over the N. Pole and there is no one else on.  It
appears that HT use will work best at 5w with an Arrow type antenna.  Use
of a "bare" HT is probably effective only when the satellite is high and
near.  Use of long whips probably will help.  It took the 3-elem Arrow yagi
and 5w for me to access the satellite at 5-degree elevation with not quite
full-quieting.  I also noted some periods of fade which I suspect is normal
when using fixed linear polarized antennas to work Echo as it tumbles.
Auto-Track/Tune with my Unitrac-2000 will solve some of this, as
well...another thing on my to-do list :-)

My receive set-up is "over the minimum" with a preamp and 11-elem
yagi...signals run S9 to max on my FT-847 S-meter.  I plan to listen today
while mobiling to Anchorage (150-mile drive) with my dual-band whip and
FT-817...let the list know later how that worked.

Have Fun on Echo...be courteous...and lets build another mode-B linear pass
band satellite!  Oh and use FO-29, too!  I will try to do that as soon as I
restore my 432 PA and T/R switching with my preamp.

73's Ed - AL7EB

At 09:32 AM 7/31/2004 -0500, Kyle Yoksh wrote:
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>From: "Edward R. Cole"
>Sent: Saturday, July 31, 2004 1:35 AM
>Subject: Re: [amsat-bb] AO-51 voice operation
>> John,
>> I am not fond of regular operation on FM satellites for the reason you and
>> many others cite.... [snip]
>> If you live in America or Europe...GL!  FM satellite operation appears to
>> taken on the habits of 20m DXing...a free-for-all.
>Hello Edward and the list,
>I agree with you about the FM bird gridlock problem. It's a shame that some
>folks will monopolize a single-channel LEO bird with ragchews. How often do
>we hear about FO-29 being under-utilized? Seems to me that FO-29 should be
>the ragchew bird..
>Despite the lack of good amateur practice, I think that we should regard the
>activity LEVEL on the FM birds as a positive sign. We know that plenty of
>operators are interested in satellites! Now instead of ragchewing, let's
>encourage a short exchange including your Amsat membership number. This
>should help grow the membership, which means that Eagle flies sooner!
>No doubt about it that the FM birds have their place, many of us made our
>first satellite contact through an FM bird - my first was via UO-14. I
>worked that bird exclusively for months until I discovered RS12/13. What a
>fantastic 'easysat' RS12/13 was - how about another mode A or T bird? I
>didn't have a chance to try mode K.
>It's no secret that some members objected to Echo being given priority over
>Eagle. Now that Echo is launched, I hope that Amsat's full and complete
>attention can be given to
>building Eagle.
>Anxiously awaiting a HEO!
> 73,
>Kyle Yoksh
>Olathe, Kansas
>Amsat# 35249
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