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aprs on iss

I think I finally have the iss aprs and sgate figured out. I'm able to get
into iss and see my own packets come back. On the last couple of passes I
tried, I was able to Sgate some stations and they appeared in ariss.net. My
own packets tho, were not sgated. I've changed my path which was
"ariss,sgate,wide" to "cq,ariss,sgate,wide" after reading some of your
instructions on line. I have a high angle pass at 1:00 today and ill try the
new path instruction and see if I sgate myself. Setting up the sgate in
winaprs 261 was simple once someone pointed me in the right direction. Its
built in to this version and I assume later versions.  Go to
Settings....tcp/ip connections......tcp server settings.......put a check in
box "Feed(echo) local data to tcp/ip."   Also check box "Ignore incoming tcp
(feed only)..." to keep from getting inundated by thousands of station
packets. Then click on a server in the menu, in my case "secondary aprs net
server" and your in business.
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