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RE: AO-51 Naysayers


Thank you. I was active on the RS birds, as I had duplex HF capability. I
never got to play on the sats that required special equipment mainly for
monetary reasons. Then the FM Easys came along. Wow, an Arrow and 2 HT's,
and I was active again. Just as I was getting to the point in life that I
could afford to put up some "sat-specific" antennas, and experiment on 1.2
and 2.4, AO-40 went silent. Echo has rekindled that original fire for me.
Like you, figuring out how to capture telemetry and tuning up my system has
been a blast. I also have never tried 9k6 packet til July 04... the
soundcard tnc (MixW) has allowed me to enter yet another area of Amateur

I finally heard myself on AO-51 last night... what a rush... especially when
the 3-lander called me. Time to work on technique for me, and maybe some of
the QRM will go away as the weeks pass.

To those who are disappointed in our new FM bird, stick your 2 cents here:

Mac McMillian, W8XF
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