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re:Tower of Babel

We can have an endless debate on the FM sat forever. This debate was
exhausted a few months prior to the launch. We have met the enemy and
the enemy is us.  When I get on FO-29, I may hear 2 other people at most
passes.  My downlink will come in +10 calling CQ and many passes never
get an answer.

Try getting on SO-41 or SO-50 in the A.M.  The same 4 or five people
have to say good morning to each other until the bird is gone. Maybe
that doesn't seem like a big deal.  Statistically, I believe, that would
be 12 combinations of operators saying "Hello" with each other.  Saying
"hello" with comment may be 20 seconds each.  So you just blew 4 minutes
of a possible 8 minute pass if that was all they did and signed off.
Please don't argue then the pass should be longer i.e. bandwidth,
footprint etc.  That's like doing 85 mph on a 55 mph road and telling
the cop that the speed limit is too low.

The other day I heard a tech class operator calling from Long island.
Quite good downlink signal too.  Only one operator tried to pick him up
and that operator wasn't part of the round table.  Never did get through
so imagine the question then why would these new sat ops want to pay
dues to be ignored on a bird.

My point being: yes, it would be nice to have more bandwidth like FO-29
or AO-40, but on the FM sats, the enemy is us.  Make a contact and get
the hell off so the others can enjoy their contribution to AMSAT and
expense of radio equipment.  Dead horse society again.

Gregory J Dober
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