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Good morning . I'm having a problem getting a KAM XL working on the PACSATs.
When I request a directory fill,  I'm getting is a....

      No -5 kb2m
      Directory request error

  The problem I'm having is that I can request a file download, The PACSAT
will execute a request for a file download, and it will also allow me to
upload a file, but it won't let me get a directory fill. I was thinking
there was a problem with the PC S/W etc, so I connected the 910H and KAM XL
to a working PACSAT setup PC and the No -5  error followed the TNC / 910H
over to the working PC. Does anyone have a KAM XL working on the PACSAT's?If
so please mail me the TNC setup. If no then could someone mail me the setup
file from a working 9612 setup? Thanks in advance....

73 Jeff kb2m
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