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Re: De-ORBIT issues, an opportunity for AMSAT

Diane Bruce wrote:

>Larry, I thank you for the coffee we had and the exchange of emails we had.
>I think its an *excellent* idea. It is an opportunity to get some rides for
>some of our own sats as well.
Bingo!  Lots of rides and help from people who want to see someone doing 
something with space junk.  If AMSAT would just pick up the ball and get 
it started the results would be amazing. 

The really neat thing is that it would not take a huge effort to get 
started, if AMSAT would just show some progress, interest, and ASAP some 
sort of results.  Just think what would happen if AMSAT could 
demonstrate a solution of somesort to garbage re-entry, the great news 
is that nothing has to happen very fast, reentry even over five years is 
a lot better than 1500 years.  Just think about what an AMSAT picture of 
some other satellite would mean to attracting launch opportunities!

There is a lot of garbage in space and many organizations looking for 
ways to get it back to earth, people and organizations with money, 
resources, and a need.  Sure sounds like a great business to be in when 
you want launches for amateur satellites.

AMSAT Life Member #3
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