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New amateur satellite ideas


I see the discussion every time again about FM versus linear satellites.
FM is very crowdy and the linear seem to be not used, and the digital 
satellites are only used for APRS etc etc...

I think to get more activity and publicity as AMSAT community we must change 
our way of communication from ssb, CW, and FM to something else like:

I was wondering if some amateurs have succeed in making something like we 
now have as cell-phone system. One node that can handle many uplink and 
downlink connections.
I know it takes some bandwidht, but we already don't using it, so lets use 
it :o)

Or ATV via satellite. Why not make a ATV satellite node ?
When not a node, lets make an ATV beacon...

Or a digital bullitin broadcast satellite in RTTY, PSK31, etc etc... so 
everyone (also none licensed hams) can read about the AMSAT activities in 
the world...

Today hamradio uses internet as a back-bone for many things. Why not use a 
satellite as a high speed back-bone ??? We are hams, we must be able to do 

Its just an idea...
Maybe its good to change our narrow (frequency bandwidth) mind :o)

73 de HL/PE1RAH,
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