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AO-51 31 July, orbit #437

Hello the Net:

More success this pass.

     EB4DKA /M in IM78cx, 
    MW0CXH in IO71vq, and
    VO1ZM in GN28ew.

For this low elevation pass,  I used the 2M 17B2 (fixed H pol) at 78' 
and the FT-847 on TX.
For RX was the IC-910H and a 38 el cross pol at 40' with Landwehr mast 
mounted preamplifier.
LabJack/NOVA/G5400B tracking control.

Yes,  there is a delay in activating the satellite, after you first key 
up your carrier with PL tone.
was able to hear myself with 5 W TX power.

I enjoy the low elevation passes looking east to Europe and N Africa as 
well as the westerly passes
to Alaska, less congestion and greater potential for a new grid and DXCC 

At this moment, AO51 has a height of 772.5 Km and SO50 has a height of 
only 604.2 Km.
The greater height will give a bigger footprint and a greater range at 
low elevations.

Stan, WA1ECF

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