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Re: Future ECHO User Status burst?

Hi Bob,

I usually agree with your ideas but I am not liking this one too much.

I am going to start calling you Kenwood Bob  ! The problem is that we do 
this for the Kenwood D7 and D700 owners,  how many of them are 
there?   Then if other manufacturers comes out with a radio that has some 
other feature that is exclusive to their radio, should we add that feature 
too?  There would be no end to it !

If Kenwood would like to see these features added to OSCAR's then lets get 
them to buck up and help pay for the birds to begin with. It will make it a 
lot easier on all of us. Certainly if they are selling that many radios, 
they can afford to give a bit back to amateur radio. Or, do they claim they 
are loosing money on the amateur division and are already doing us all a 
big favour by even producing a line of amateur equipment ?

My second comment is about your net proposal.  I like your approach 
(correct me if I am wrong)  that the net would be in the interest of all 
amateurs right ?  But is it really in the interest of everybody? Is it your 
intention that everyone can get a chance to use the birds? That would be 
nice if everyone wanted to work nets . Your first suggestion benefits the 
Kenwood D7 and D700 guys and the rest of us can buy laptops. Your next 
suggestion is for everyone who likes to work nets, where does that leave 
the rest of us ?

73 de VE7WFG,

Nomex Æ Bill Greene
Armstrong, BC
Amsat Member 29777
Amsat Area Coordinator
Project OSCAR Team Member

  07:04 AM 30/07/2004, you wrote:
>Interspersed Status on  ECHO downlink:
>ALso in the long run for ECHO, I would propose that
>an occassional 9600 baud data burst could be
>included in the squelch tail of the voice downlink that
>coiuld contain a line of useful status data for users.
>(such as the previously proposed Net schedules).
>At 9600 baud, the burst would only be less than 0.1
>second and sound no different nor intrusive than than
>the "sst" of someone that speaks with a lisp...
>Users of the D7 and D700 radio would see these
>announcements immediately on the radio front panel.
>Others might need only a laptop and software if they
>wanted to decode them.  But in any case, they would
>be virtually  unnoticible to voice operations.
>Although UI formatted status bursts are already on
>the to-do list for ECHO for the digital downlink,
>what I am asking in this proposal is in the long run
>to consider if it is possible to inject these 0.1 sec
>bursts rarely on the voice down link as well so
>that VOICE uers could stay infomed as well while
>monitoring the voice downlink.
>This way the voice user does not have to have
>two radios to keep informed of the digital USER
>status messages.  THey are pulled off the same
>de WB4APR, Bob
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