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AO-51 Controlled Net.

     Hello all,
I am opposed to regular of frequent nets on LEO FM satellites.I am a grid
hunter, rag chewer, and satellite DXer. Directed nets are not an efficient
means of managing a limited resource, in this case, time. I believe, as some
others have mentioned, that the pass would be consumed with the process of
managing the net, and few if any contacts would be made. Although time is not
always a factor in HF DXing (aside from dwindling propagation), DX nets are
not an efficient way to make DX contacts.  However, for newbies and those with
limited experience, nets can help develop confidence and provide some on air
experience. On the transponder birds or HEOs, nets make much more sense as
users can choose to join the net, or have a QSO up or down the band. I have
checked into the B +20 net on AO-40 a few times myself. Perhaps the Wednesday
experimenters day could be used from time to time to try "net operation" on an
FM LEO bird? Directed nets have their place, having spent 10 years in Civil
Defense as a RACES op and Comm. Officer, I sat through plenty. IMHO they are
neither exciting or very productive for "hunters".

I hope to work you all on AO-51!

73 de Shawn, N1HOQ.

AMSAT #33948
ECHO "lifter"
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