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RE: Future ECHO User Status burst?

    ALso in the long run for ECHO, I would propose that
    an occassional 9600 baud data burst could be
    included in the squelch tail of the voice downlink that
    coiuld contain a line of useful status data for users.
    (such as the previously proposed Net schedules).
						  -- WB4APR

I don't know about the concept of including schedules there for reasons
previously discussed.  However, if it's really that short, then it could
serve both as a data burst and a courtesy beep.  

I often 'quick-key' in mode J-FM when operating QRP (or QRPp) as i know 
the other station is quite likely to win if they have a decent signal.
It would help me to know when they've actually unkeyed.  It might also
help reduce QRM.

The other thing about that is that it will help people know if they're
actually making it into the bird but can't quite hear the downlink.  
It's a clue that the receive side isn't up to snuff, the antenna needs
to be pointed more accurately, or one has not adjusted recently enough
for doppler.

If the data burst is no more conspicuous than a courtesy tone, hey, that
sounds like a good idea.  (Future J-FM satellte designers: please take 
		         -- KD6PAG  (Networking Old-Timer, Satellite QRPer)

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