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Re: ECHO Voice operations

That plan makes the assumption that everyone always has network access and
reads the page on a routine basis.  One problem i can see is that someone
is camping or sailing, and had made an effort to activate a rare grid square
only to find out that on the air since (s)he had left, someone had claimed
that orbit for a group that has little interest in DX.

I don't object to nets some of the time, if it is quite predictable when
they might and when they won't occur.  From an emergency preparedness
standpoint, having a weekly net could be a very positive thing, as if/when
we do have a large scale emergency somewhere, people will know how to behave
and the FM birds could serve an important function.  

I don't think we really have the concept that an FM satellite could be used 
for emergency traffic and it might be a good idea to explore.

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