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Re: ECHO Voice operations

Have to agree with Bob here,

I don't usually bother with FM satellites because they seem like
a complete waste of time but if it was operated as a directed net,
I probably would check in as it would seem a lot more
usefull and be a lot less like a zoo.

Tony AA2TX

At 02:50 PM 7/30/2004 -0400, Robert Bruninga wrote:

> >>> Emily Clarke <w0eec@AMSAT.Org> 7/30/04 12:24:50 PM >>>
> >I would be against this.... trying to do it on a single channel
> >FM satellite, while seeming idealistic and feasible, seems
> >to be a simple answer to a complex issue (human nature).
>I think I can offer some amplifying remarks::
>1)  I would argue that it is a -simple- answer but it is also
>a -simple- problem too.  Only one person can talk at a time
>on an FM net and that is what Directed nets have always
>been about solving.
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