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Hi Gang
 Working AO51 appears to have the same problems as UO14 over Europe.....wall
to wall QRM.
I did manage to complete a QSO with Paul 2E1EUB (12.45 utc) unfortunately it
took almost all of the pass due to operators trying to 'find' there downlink
or using high power.

When you press the PTT to 'whistle,blow,or call 'ola' you block any QSO that
is taking place( I suspect a lot of high power is being used), you then
prevent anyone using the 'bird'.(Twin 1 will agree!!)

I suggest that you use the method that I find helpful.......Use a
preamplifier if you have one,leave the squelch OPEN .This will give you
'white noise'on the downlink....Now tune the downlink to silence the
noise.this will give you the precise downlink with no need to transmit!
As Andrew KO4MA has said if you don't hear the first two syllable's stop
transmitting because you are not getting into the 'bird' This may be due to
someone else using it .....wait and try again.

Hope this is helpful

Malc G7NFO
'Oh to be young again!'
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