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Re: ECHO Voice operations

Hi Bob,

I would be against this.  Not because I think the idea doesn't have merit 
(the nets on AO-40 were wonderful) but trying to do it on a single channel 
FM satellite, while seeming idealistic and feasible, seems to be a simple 
answer to a complex issue (human nature)  I see a number of problems.

Before you go off and try to enforce a net structure on Echo, I would 
propose you first demonstrate that you can do so on FO-29 first.  The pass 
times (duration) are similar, and it has sufficient bandwidth to 
accommodate your net while not penalizing other satellite users who may not 
want to participate.  After a successful 6 month trial on SSB, if you think 
you have worked the kinks out I would be more than happy to re-evaluate my 



At 09:20 AM 7/30/2004 -0400, Robert Bruninga wrote:
>After a few weeks of the initial voice free-for-all on
>ECHO, I would again like to propose that eventually we
>plan for a few passes per week of operating some more
>organized directed nets.
>They can be AMSAT nets, DX nets, County Nets,
>Traveler Nets,  any topic, or just someone to make
>occasional order out of chaos.   We have now had 10
>years of open free-for-alls on the voice birds.  lets try
>something new on some days.  What we have today
>that we did not have 10 years ago is the global WEB
>so that such a schedule would be available to most ops.
>AND because ECHO has a simultaneous digital
>downlink, the same satellite can send down its schedule
>in APRS format to appear on the front panel of all
>compatible radios EVEN while a pass is in progress!
>I would propose an automatic WEB based sign-up
>sheet where NET-CONTROLS can sign up for a
>given pass.  Not all passes, but those that are
>designated for NET operation.  This file is also
>updated regularly on the birds BBS system.
>One example would be to guarantee good performance
>for those rare demos when someone is at a Satellite
>Meeting or Venue where he needs to show-off ECHO,
>but not be embarassed by the normal free-for-all style
>operating.  These occasions are known in advance.
>All the ECHO team would have to do is to pre-set
>which passes are for NET operation, and then it
>would be self running by the automated WEB page.
>Or I am sure a volunteer would be happy to help
>negotiate conflicts.
>HAM radio operators all know how a directed net
>works and all know how it facilitates order out of
>chaos.  Lets show our abilities to do it that way once
>in a while...  And demo some good practical
>applications for this new bird in HAM radio.
>Probably the first thing we would need to get this
>going would be a volunteer benevlolent dictator
>to take charge.  He could do it by Email on the
>AMSAT-BB for starters.
>de WB4APR, Bob
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