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Listened to the 0542-0555 utc pass on 7/30.  I heard some chatter on
435.300 and after tuning and moving the rotator signals were generally
clear (though some stations had distorted audio even after tuning).  Heard
a K0, K7's and a K8, some k6's; fair amount of activity but not impossible
to break in.

About 0548 I called a strong station, VE7WFG, who came back to me with a
good report.  I noted activity disappeared about 0551 and I had the bird to
myself till it set over the North Pole.  I took that opportunity to test
the ability of the bird to hear my signal at lower power levels.  

Initially I ran 50w (FT-847) thru 100-foot of RG-58 to a 3-element yagi
(Arrow) attached to my B5400 az-el rotator.  I lowered in steps to 5w which
seemed the lower limit though by then the satellite was near set at
elevation <5 degrees.  It seemed to set early according to NOVA (keps?).
Receiving was with a M2 11-element yagi thru a 432 preamp (this heard quite
nicely).  Pointing is still manual (I have to take time to install the

I noted a slight time delay that it took to decode my 67 Hz uplink to
turn-on the Tx which then held about 10-seconds with no input.  Doppler
required tuning about +10 to -10 KHz and ability to tune to 1 KHz helped
clear up downlink audio clarity (typical for FM).  I noted my own audio was
very clear if tuned in for Doppler.

Looks like this will be a nice Leo FM satellite!  Congrads to Amsat!

73's Ed - AL7EB
Amsat #3212
AK Field Op
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