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ECHO Voice operations

After a few weeks of the initial voice free-for-all on 
ECHO, I would again like to propose that eventually we 
plan for a few passes per week of operating some more 
organized directed nets.

They can be AMSAT nets, DX nets, County Nets,
Traveler Nets,  any topic, or just someone to make
occasional order out of chaos.   We have now had 10 
years of open free-for-alls on the voice birds.  lets try 
something new on some days.  What we have today 
that we did not have 10 years ago is the global WEB 
so that such a schedule would be available to most ops.

AND because ECHO has a simultaneous digital 
downlink, the same satellite can send down its schedule
in APRS format to appear on the front panel of all
compatible radios EVEN while a pass is in progress!

I would propose an automatic WEB based sign-up
sheet where NET-CONTROLS can sign up for a
given pass.  Not all passes, but those that are
designated for NET operation.  This file is also
updated regularly on the birds BBS system.

One example would be to guarantee good performance 
for those rare demos when someone is at a Satellite 
Meeting or Venue where he needs to show-off ECHO, 
but not be embarassed by the normal free-for-all style
operating.  These occasions are known in advance.

All the ECHO team would have to do is to pre-set
which passes are for NET operation, and then it
would be self running by the automated WEB page.
Or I am sure a volunteer would be happy to help
negotiate conflicts.

HAM radio operators all know how a directed net
works and all know how it facilitates order out of
chaos.  Lets show our abilities to do it that way once
in a while...  And demo some good practical 
applications for this new bird in HAM radio.

Probably the first thing we would need to get this
going would be a volunteer benevlolent dictator
to take charge.  He could do it by Email on the
AMSAT-BB for starters.

de WB4APR, Bob
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