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Doppler on PL tone?

I know the math is not too difficult, but I'm wondering about the threshhold
of the receiver in Echo.  I'm one of those who also heard the bird really
well on the 0215 pass last night, but couldn't get in to it at all, despite
having the correct settings as far as I know.

What effect, if any, would Doppler have on the ability of the CTCSS tone to
open the receiver on Echo?  If the receiver is very discriminating, perhaps
that is what kept some of us out.  My pass was 53-degrees max elevation, and
the effect of doppler would be gone at that point, but I didn't have a good
copy on the satellite at that time.

N1JEZ would have been in the same physical boat as me, but clearly had no
trouble accessing Echo.  I'm guessing Doppler has nothing to do with it as
far as the tone goes, but I ask the question anyway!

Brent Taylor, VE1JH
Doaktown, NB
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