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RE: Re: AO-51 NEWS

Dear Amsat folk in the know,

I was surprised to hear that AO-51/ECHO was changed to one of its
alternative downlinks on account of another bird now being on its other

This of course now means that AO-51 has one less backup in the event of
other issues etc ...

My question: Is there not some world-wide band-plan and freq. register to
avoid this?

Did AO-51 not get unique spots within the downlink segment of the band etc?

Of course, I give top marks to the AO-51 team that the bird does in fact
have alternatives, and the design supported the change to 435.300. (Had that
not been the case, many would have been feeling rather upset.)

Please understand this email before replying. It is a question about
bandplan and freq. allocation. It is NOT a critism of the AO-51 team in any
way. If anything, it's a vote of support that the design has alternatives,
but that is not what I'm asking here.

Jim Towler
New Zealand

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>     Looks like a downlink change in freq.
>     Steve/kb9ups
> Yeah, 435.300 MHz is where i've heard them testing.  Note that the
> frequency currently specified on the AMSAT webpages, 435.225 MHz, is
> already in use by GO-32, which has been an active satellite lately.
> (I don't think it was when the ECHO was being designed.)  So it makes
> sense that the voice downlink changed and let's be thankful that they
> were able to do that.
> 		    -- KD6PAG  (Networking Old-Timer, Satellite QRPer)
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