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Re: "Space Scanner" - Automatic Satellite TV Tracking System

Hi Mike:

Mike, K4HN wrote:

> I've seen these at the Orlando hamfest the last two years. They are setup
> pick out the DISH and DirecTV type geosync sats.  You tell it which one
> it points the dish to it.  I looked at the manual in Orlando and couldn't
> see an easy way to make it track a non geosync sat.  It looked to me like
> its logic was set up to track the equatorial geosyncs only".

I read the info on the manufacturer's website.  Yes, it looks like it is
designed to only track the equatorial geosyncs only.  I do not expect to be
able to automatically track any non-equatorial geosync satellites.

I would like to determine if it is reasonable to modify the unit and use it
as an Az/El positioner for a DSS dish connected to a PC controlled antenna
rotor interface.  Since the motors are 12 VDC with 24 VDC brakes, this seems
very reasonable.

However, the motors and gear assemblies would experience a lot more use in
tracking a LEO or HEO satellite as opposed to occasionally changing position
to a different Geo-sync satellite.  I was hoping to find out if anyone had
tried to use one of these units and if the motors and gear assemblies are
heavy enough for Amateur satellite tracking.


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