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De-ORBIT issues, an opportunity for AMSAT

Greetings All:

For some time I have been interested to find ways that AMSAT could move 
itself into being an organization that has considerable value, economic 
value, in the perception of the general public.  To this end Cliff and I 
have exchanged some notions of a project that if AMSAT got involved 
could be the beginning of a major change for AMSAT and to bring AMSAT 
into a sustained position of creating public good, in the economic 
sense, on a going forward basis.  To this end Cliff Buttschardt wrote:

>Of course we are most interested.

> In no uncertain terms
>I commented on the FCC's requirement for all kinds of de-orbit and lifetime
then he offered an idea that could be the beginning of a new era for 

>Another great possibility is to conduct a single
>mission experiment in which the entire result is to de-orbit one single 10 cm per
>side cube some days or weeks after achieving orbit.
AMSAT has in general very limited to almost no public perception of 
public value.  If AMSAT was to enter into the challenge of even 
supplying small "deorbit" packages for attachment to small satellites 
this could be the beginning of a new era for AMSAT. 

Please remember that deorbit does not have to occur quickly, even the 
kick from a single blank shotgun shell will help to deorbit a tiny 
"Cubesat" much quicker than the simple issue of decay over time.  If 
there are deorbit requirements for all small satellites then AMSAT could 
build a significant public value by supplying small packages for 
installation on other satellites.

AMSAT Life Member #3
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