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Re: Homemade Geiger Counter


The geiger counter idea is very interresting.
I had it also included in my mode-B transponder that is now on the Indian 
HAMSAT, but to avoid additional test problems (vibration, vaccuum etc) I 
removed it.

The idea with the neon-bulb works but far less good than a reall geiger 
tube. (Why they else would make geiger tubes ?) Then the number of clicks is 
very little, in the beginning I even tought that the geiger detector didn't 

To get a geiger tube is very difficult, maybe not for a second hand but then 
there is the problem there is no documentation etc...
What I have done is I bought the Velleman kit K2645. It works on a 9V 
battery and draws very little power. Very good for satellite use :o)
It has also a digital output, just plug and play to your satellite computer 

You can see information E.g on the following webpage:

The only problem is the price, but thats always in space technology :o)

73 de HL/PE1RAH, William

<< Science is like a knife...
<< It can be used to give people an easier life...
<< It can also be used to kill people...
<< It just depends who is using the knife...
<< I like to have an easier and long life :o)

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