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update NIGEL G8IFF

My Nigel had routine Gallbladder surgery to remove the gallbladder 
and a stone the size of a large walnut on July 7th 2004,  It turned 
out not to be so routine, he was discharged on the 8th of July at 
7.40am, and I requested he not be discharged, my request was denighed 
and he was sent home..After 2 trips to ER, he was finally admitted, 
on Friday nite saturday morning with a Leak..Long story short after 1 
more surgery and a test called an ERCP, he was getting critical, a 
liver specilisted requested he be moved to Oxford Hospital..one of 
the top hospitals in England and he was operated on a 3rd time....
Nigel was moved to Oxford , John Radclif hospital last week, He was 
alot more sick then first thought. The surgeon, now a liver 
specilisted took nigel in for a 3rd surgery, and finally patched 
things. During the surgery there were complications and Nigel's heart 
stopped. Fortunatly they were able to get it going again and he was 
on a ventilator for 3 days. He is now recovering in John Radclif on 
the post surgercal ward but in Stable but Serious condition still. 

He will remain in hospital for another 2 weeks, at the least. he 
probably will not return to work for the rest of this year, if he is 
able to return to work at all. No idea the extent of the damage or 
what the long term prognosis is. I am usually home after 8pm in the 

Nigel A. Gunn. 59 Beadlemead, Milton Keynes, MK6 4HF, England. 
Tel +44 (0)1908 604004 or 07774 478270 (mobile)
e-mail nigel@ngunn.net   http://www.ngunn.net/cyberworld
Amateur radio stations  G8IFF, KC8NHF
Member of  AMSAT-UK #182, ARRL, GQRP Club, QRPARCI
           Flying Pig #385, Dayton ARA #2128, AMSAT-NA  LM-1691,
Supporter of MK Lightning and Dayton Bombers Ice Hockey Teams
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