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Getting on 9600 packet

Hi folks,

Just as AO-40, and the "event", gave me the incentive to learn about and 
successfully deploy a receive system for 2.4 ghz, AO-51 looks to be the kick 
in the rear to get me onto 9600 baud packet....

My primary satellite receiver is the venerable Yaesu FT736R, as yet 
unmodified.  I understand that I need to tap into the audio chain at the 
discriminator in order to get a wide enough signal to capture 9600 baud, and 
I've seen how-to's on the subject.  Shouldn't be too bad, but perhaps there 
is an alternative:

I also have an ICOM R-7000 all-mode scanner, and one of its panel settings 
is for a wider-band FM.  30 khz, I believe; perhaps its a bit too wide.  
But, I was wondering if this setting would allow the harvesting of the 
appropriate signal at the normal audio output (record jack), or does the 
audio chain always limit the audio to an unacceptably narrow bandwidth?

The thought here is that I have several unknowns here in getting things set 
up:  receiver, modem, TNC, etc., and I should have as few new/unproven 
components as possible to get started.

Will this work?

Greg  KO6TH
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