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Re: Fo-29 Digitalker Status

This is very informative and should be included with the FO-29
information at AMSAT.ORG!  

Thank you!!

--Chris // N1ZPP

On Sat, 2004-07-24 at 09:29, ji1izr/Masahiro SANADA wrote:
> Hello, everyone,
> de ji1izr/Masa.
> FO-29 is now working as linear transponder.
> When the digitalker of 435.91MHz is turned on,
>  there is some announcement from JARL.
> I think it will work with digitalker while the Ham Fair in Japan,
>  from August 21st to 22nd.
> While FO-29 works as digitalker, 
>  transponders both of analog and digital are turned off.
> ***************
> Masahiro Sanada
>      de ji1izr
>   Hiratsuka-city
> Kanagawa,Japan
>   ji1izr@jarl.com
> ji1izr@jamsat.or.jp
> ***************
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