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Re: APRS on ISS, the saga continues

Power is not the problem. I regularly get into the digi with 25W 
into either a collinear j-pole or crossed Moxon rectangles. 

Are you positive you are actually transmitting on 145.990? 

Late night and weekday daytime passes are easier than evening as 
there is less competition.

I have been heard and not seen my own packet digipeated. If you 
gave your call, maybe some one would report seeing you. I won't 
be able to look until late next week due to my work schedule.

Mike kc9doa

On 24 Jul 2004 at 9:45, Bill Bruno wrote:

> Still cant get my aprs packets into ISS. Using TS2k and the sat beam antenna
> I can run aprs locally on 144.390 with no problem.  When I switch frequency
> to 145.800dn/145.990up, path of  rs0iss-3,as well as others suggested. I can
> copy plenty of aprs stations thru ISS, but not my own packets. The radio is
> tx'ing my packets but their not being digied. Might power be an issue? I'm
> getting approx 70w at the antenna (Arrow). The antenna is working, I'm able
> to work so-50 and fo-29 with no problem.  Thanks to all for the many
> suggestions. I have tried them all. Still looking
> Bill
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