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Alternative to UO-22

Hi all

For those who are testing a new pacsat setup
there is an alternative to UO-22.
It's called POSAT (Portuguese satellite)
It worked a couple weeks on amateur band,
but since then it has been used on comercial service.
Due assigned frequencies are outside our bands,
only the rx side of your station can be tested.
But, although there isn't much action, it's a good
"testing source", hi.

POSAT info:
Downlink: 429.950 MHz
Uplink: N.A.
Broadcast callsign: POSAT1-11
BBS callsign: POSAT1-12

A few years ago the sat was removed from ARRL/AMSAT listings
Please check http://celestrak.com and look for current data -> amateur radio
Here is the most recent data

1 22829U 93061G   04204.90691667  .00000132  00000-0  67048-4 0  8642
2 22829  98.2326 214.4417 0010253 129.9676 230.2412 14.29962825564411


73 F.Costa, CT1EAT
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