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Trakbox users: please help.


I'm in the process of putting together my pacsat setup,
QRT since I moved to this QTH.
I sucesfully hooked Trakbox to PC, and enter into the
main menu using Terminal for Windows.
I revised the freq.dat and upload it after recent keps.
However several sats, although listed on keps file,
aren't recognized by Trakbox.
I check if the names matched, but I couldn't find any "bug".
Is there any other detail I should look?

On another issue.
Sevaral years ago I bought the Trakbox Upgrade Kit
(Trakbox-II), who was designed to do fast calculations,
specially for microwave AO-40 up/downlinks.
I remember to have instaled the new IC´s, but several
problems occured, and I went back to the original
configuration (version 3.40e).
Now, specially for AO-51 LS digital transponder,
the question is open once more. Is it worth to try it again?
Or v3.40e will be fast enough to correct band L uplink
and 38k6 band S downlink?
Many thanks in advance for reply

73 F.Costa, CT1EAT
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