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Fwd: [WUN] Traveling

Hi Emily,

     This appearantly didn't go through AMSAT-bb. Maybe this time.  Sorry I 
confused you on the Pocket sat and Palmpilot.  I will have to waite.  I do have 
NOVA on a floppy and if  Angela allows me to use her machine,I'have it made.  
I'm afraid Grandma is going to be very unhappy if I play sats too much.  We 
will see!

I might mention that my Daughter's name is Clark and she lives near 
Mendocino, up the road from you.  Might get out there to see her in October, might be 
pushing it after this trip.

     Thanks alot for all your help and I will be in touch when I get back.

73s and Cheers
AMSAT  # 20096 AC-Rio Grande Valley
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hello amsat friends and wunners,

    i am not happy taking up the spectrum to brag about my adventures, but i 
would like to inform my many contacts in the euopean area that i will be over 
there visiting.  from july 29th i will be in the kitzigen/dettlebock area in 
germany for two weeks.  phone # 09  324  980  523.   paris, france, via 
cologne,  from the 17th to 19th of august at austin's laziere hotel.  barcelona, 
spain 20th to 22nd of august at the barbara hotel.  by train back to wurzburg via 
zurich, stuttgart, munich, wurzburg and back to dettlebock the evening of the 
23rd.  there is a good chance that i will spend the latter part of that week 
in brataslavia, slovakia  with peter miller and his wife, who live in vysoka 
pri morave, near brataslova.  phone # 421 265 96 7512.  peter is with the 
english service of rsi.   from there probably to prague, berlin, hamburg, bremen, 
and back to dettlebock.  on the 6th of september , on to rome via munich staying 
at the astrid hotel  7th september to 9nth september.  back through munich 
and on to dettlebock the evening of the 10th of september.  my wife and i will 
be making the most of our 15-day rail pass as we try to get as much in as 

    if anyone whom i have made previous contact with  happens to be in the 
various  locals and would like to renew our contacts,  please either reply by 
e-mail, or make use of the phone numbers listed. note, i will be unsubscribing 
amsat and wun on monday morning at 1400 hours utc. if it be acceptable to you , 
you might want give me your phone nmber by e-mail.  i will also be operating 
a dual-band hand held and will try to work the repeaters.  sorry robin, i 
would love to be over in surrey to hear your presentation, but you see when i 
arrive in frankfurt on the 29th of july at 10:30 am.  i'm hoping to make it to 
baden-baden or stuttgart to visit swr cont.ra  7265 mhz.

    thank you for being patient with me,  i just love the hobby of radio,  
have enjoyed for many years.

73 and cheers

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