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Re: LMR-400 Variants?

Just a quick sanity check...  so, the pins all have the same O.D., but a
different I.D. to accommodate the wire diameter, correct? So they all will
fit in the N "body" without mods?

And I should be able to go to RF Connection and just order the correct pins
and swap them out (and use these on some 4XL that I have)?

I also just noticed that the connectors I got recently came with sets of
pins. Somewhere in there I should have a full connector for LMR-400. :-)

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From: "Dr. Jim Akers" <jakers@ece.msstate.edu>
> Many years ago when I first started using the cable with the larger center
> conductors, I did not know about the special center pin for the Type N
> connectors.  I had a small drill press and a set of numbered bits and
> just drilled out the hole so make it fit the conductor.  I don't remember
> the number of the bit but if you have a set and a drill press, you can
> find it experimentally in a few minutes.  Some of those pins are probably
> still in use some where around the shack after all these years.
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