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Re: Re: programs to help RE: KPC 9612

Hi Nick,

Since I got a TS-2000X a few months back, I haven't used the TS-790A much...hopefully this will change once/if AO-51 will be running 38k4 packet on a "regular" basis (optimistic thinking? hi)

Since I rarely operate voice, I didn't have much trouble with the TS-790A and WispDDE; I didn't change things much once it was set up/configured.

Currently, I'm using DK1TB's DDESat32 program with Wisp because it 1) works well with the TS-2000X and 2) ServerEComm1 can run my homebrew track box with EasyComm.

I'll probably revisit WispDDE once I get to the point where I want to run different rigs on different birds at different baud rates...lucky for me, figuring all of this out is most of the fun :)


Mark N8MH

> Hi Mark;
> Exactly my thoughts,these bat files cando a lot of neat  tricks.  I use bats
> in wisp to bring up a special program rather then mspe.
> Your information helped tremendously. I'm using the same rig here and wondered
> if you have  a like problem namely; wispdde which requires that I set both
> main/sub to "VFO A" or it will not update the frequency correctly. (this only
> applys to TS-790A) maybe if I got off my duff and purchased something like VB6
> or net with a complier,since the source is available,then I could repair it.
> Any comments ?
> Thanks for reading this
> Nick A.
> K1uxb
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